At the BUILD conference last week there was a demonstration of Project Spark at the end of the first day’s keynote.  I was amazed and inspired by the possibilities presented by this game/development environment.  The inspiration came from the fact that it could teach a new generation of Minecraft hooked kids to program.  It could grab their attention and hold it with amazing graphics and at the same time teach them the basics of writing code.

From everything I have heard there is a drop in enrollment in computer degree programs, and I know that the pool of top quality developers has shrunk.  We need this kind of project to “spark” the imaginations of today’s youth, especially in America so that we have a talented pool of individuals who will come up with the next generation of technology.  Project Spark has this potential because if the variety of games that an individual can build.  They run the gambit of first person shooters and fantasy world games to interactive educational games.

Sign up at so that you can experience the inspiration as soon as it is available.  And don’t forget to share it with a young mind who is looking for something to sink their teeth into.