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November 2013 Entries

Visual Studio 2013 Launch Thoughts


Every new version of Visual Studio adds new features that make it easier to build apps in a maintainable way with best practices.  Yesterday we got to see the latest enhancements in Visual Studio 2013 during the virtual launch event.  I appreciated that yesterday’s event was live streamed, but even more that they didn’t stop the streaming when they left the keynote session.  This made it much easier to go back and catch tid-bits that I missed the first time through.

One of my favourite announcements was for Visual Studio Online which takes VS to the cloud.  The web site says that this product was formerly known as Team Foundation Service (TFS).  It includes end-to-end services: build, deploy, monitor and more.  It is free for teams of up to 5 people and for MSDN subscribers with pricing for other team sizes.  I need to look into it more, but they stated that it allows you to build non-MS based solutions as well.

They announced “Monaco” which is the code name of the web based IDE that is being released as part of Visual Studio Online.  The first release is specifically for building Azure solutions.  I can see this growing into a string of VS Express like offerings for each platform.  The possibilities are exciting.

A lot of what I saw was more about Azure and platform related rather than Visual Studio itself.  There was also a lot of the event was spent highlighting third party tools such as Xamarin.

Of course Scott Hanselman was his usual magnificent showman.  I loved it when he was showing the Browser Link feature in VS2013 for ASP.NET development.  When he told the crowd not to applaud because what he was showing wasn’t cool enough was great.  Any event that has Hanselman and Guthrie is bound to be entertaining and informative.

There are far too many things that were shown during the event to cover in one post.  In the end I think Visual Studio 2013 is making great strides toward the goal of “Any App, Any Team”.  I would add “Anywhere”.  With all the new features and offerings I see development for the Microsoft ecosystem getting easier and easier.  I can’t wait to update my machine and start coding.