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Anthony Trudeau

This isn't a post on personal hygiene, but of skills.  My responsibilities at work keep me so busy that I barely have time to read an article let alone learn a new language or technology.  I have a sizable library of books and I read through them whenever I get a chance, but often don't have the time to really go indepth and practice on the technology.  I suppose it's better than nothing.

Now if I were a bachelor and didn't have my daughter (wouldn't trade her for anything even programming) it wouldn't be a problem.  My off-roading hobby is a weekend activity when I get a chance to do it, so on most evenings I would have time to cozy up with a book on the latest and greatest technology, read some articles or blog posts, and possibly even learn a new language.  That isn't an option though.  So I'm curious, do any of y'all have tips for keeping your skills fresh? 

Posted on Tuesday, March 10, 2009 10:25 AM | Back to top

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