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Anthony Trudeau April 2009 Entries
SCSF Guidance Recipes Not Available
I ran into a problem with a Smart Client Software Factory (SCSF) solution that I'm working on. I created my modules and then attempted to create my views within those modules. I used the "Add View (with presenter)" recipe; however, the resulting dialog would not let me select my module projects. The requirements for running the recipe are that you need to reference the main composite application libraries namely Microsoft.Practices.Composi... and Microsoft.Practices.ObjectB... and you need a ......

Posted On Thursday, April 23, 2009 5:26 PM

Using an UltraExplorerBarGroup as a UIExtensionSite
The Infragistics NetAdvantage control suite provides good support for the composite application block (part of the smart client software factory). However, I ran into the difficulty today when I wanted to extend an existing group in an UltraExplorerBar instance. I'm using an UltraExplorerBarWorkspace in my ShellLayoutView. At the start, it contains only one group with the text "Properties" and the key "PropertyGroup". I have the need for modules to add their own groups and to add items to the "PropertyGroup". ......

Posted On Tuesday, April 14, 2009 5:33 PM

Simple explanation for co-variance and contra-variance
Co-variance and contra-variance have always been two terms for me that made me pause. Neither are hard to understand and we often use what they mean instinctively in object-oriented programming. However, before today if you were to ask me what they were I would have to give you an example. For some reason, a clear, concise definition escaped me. Then today I read a blog post on C# v4.0 on the Intel website that summed it up in one of those "ah ha" and "duh" moments. Co-variance is when you treat ......

Posted On Monday, April 13, 2009 2:32 PM

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