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Monday, May 12, 2008 @ 6:00 p.m. 

Data Access Layers with LINQ to SQL and ADO.NET Data Services

Scott Hanselman and Beth Massi, Microsoft

Join Scott and Beth as they show you how to build a data access layer using LINQ to SQL and then how to expose the LINQ to SQL entities using ADO.NET Data Services.

LINQ to SQL is an O/RM (object relational mapping) implementation that ships in the .NET Framework 3.5, and which allows you to model a relational database using .NET classes. You can then query the database using LINQ, as well as update/insert/delete data from it. LINQ to SQL fully supports transactions, views, and stored procedures. It also provides an easy way to integrate data validation and business logic rules into your data model.
Beth will show you how to build a LINQ to SQL model using the designer in Visual Studio 2008, customize the model with code, and consume the model from a smart client application.

ADO.NET Data Services (also known as Project code name “Astoria”) consists of a combination of patterns and libraries that enables any data store to be exposed as a flexible data service, naturally integrating with the Web, that can be consumed by Web clients within a corporate network or across the Internet. ADO.NET Data Services uses URIs to point to pieces of data and simple, well-known formats to represent that data, such as JSON and ATOM.
Scott will show you how to take an ADO.NET data model and expose parts or all of it as a set of RESTful services. He will demonstrate how to secure access to entities within the model and how to customize the results of a query using interceptors.

Scott Hanselman works for Microsoft as a Senior Program Manager in the Developer Division, aiming to spread the good word about developing software, most often on the Microsoft stack. Before this he was the Chief Architect at Corillian Corporation, now a part of Checkfree, for 6+ years and before that he was a Principal Consultant at STEP Technology for nearly 7 years. He was also involved in a few things Microsoft-related like the MVP and RD programs and will speak about computers (and other passions) whenever someone will listen to him. He's written in a few books, most recently with Bill Evjen and Devin Rader on Professional ASP.NET. He blogs at and podcasts weekly at

Beth Massi is a Program Manager at Microsoft on the Visual Studio Community Team working with the Visual Basic Team producing developer content on MSDN ( and her blog ( As a VB community champion and a long-time member of the Microsoft community she also helps run the East Bay.NET user group and is a frequent speaker at various software development events. Before Microsoft, she was a Senior Architect at a health care software product company and a Microsoft Solutions Architect MVP. Over the last decade she has worked on distributed applications and frameworks, web and Windows-based applications using Microsoft development tools in a variety of businesses.

For more information check out the TVBUG website.

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