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After my last post , which is now a long time ago, David Weller has picked up the topic about my open question  if VB.NET discriminates directly DirectX and Tom Miller posted also his thoughts about it. And he made it clear what also my originally thought was , it is just a simple Bug and will be fixed in a future release. I NEVER wanted to presume that this was intentionally against VB developers (because i am not one of the die hard vbies , i am just using vb due to my laziness on writing punctuations and Big/Small letters :-)), what made me post was more my curiosity that there are no tests or tools used to check the compatibility also against VB.NET.

As David Weller mentioned and also me in my last post, I think its completely the correct way to have managed examples only in one language. Because more examples are much better than having only a hand full of examples in different languages. (Perhaps then the COBOL.Net programmers are ranting that they want also some Managed examples ;-) ) So please keep up the good work on the examples , I appreciate each of them and I am really looking forward to see some more examples through the new short turn around schedule for DX SDK.

I don't think its necessary to know C++ to master DirectX , but it simply gives you a much broader base of tutorials and examples to use, lets hope it will change in the future that we see more complex tutorials also in Managed languages which is especially for tutorials from my opinion much easier to read. So I definitely would recommend learning C++ reading, if you want to dive into the DirectX world and don't know C++

But now back to the DrawText problem David Weller has posted a C# mini-dll workaround to use all the features of DrawText, so get it here if you are having difficulties with it. Also Knight Chat X has posted a alternative class for using DrawText here, unfortunately I wasn't able to test his code yet.

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