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During Sarah Blow's talk at DDD2 on Windows Mobile Development, she kindly plugged the RapidDB libraries which I have developed which are being made available as an open source project.  It this sparked your interest you may want to find out more ...

Basically, RapidDB is a set of libraries to provide a combination of;

  • agnostic database access (SQL Server 2000, SQL CE 2.0, MySql 4.x, IBM DB2, Access MDB, Oracle 9i 'nearly there')
  • a thin object relational model wrapper for communicating with the database
  • code generation of the ORM wrapper for C# and VB.NET for both .NET 1.1 and .NET Compact Framework 1.0

You can find out more top level blurb at http://rapiddb.tigernews.co.ukThere is also a development Wiki at http://rapiddb.tigernews.co.uk/rapiddbwiki which includes the ability to download the libraries (from the Community Portal area).

Both these sites will be updated over the coming months, and new revisions of the libraries will appear when we get the time to develop them.  Apologies up front as the libraries are definitely an alpha release, which come with very little documentation. 

P.S. I do know that there is a UK locale date issue with the sample XML file, just edit the dates to a local time format (we will fix this to UTC asap).

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