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OK, a bit late with the plug for the DDD3 on 3rd June 2006, but as I was on holiday when the date was announced, and the registration hasn't opened yet I don't feel too guilty.  Find out more at it's as good as the previous events it'll be well organised, cover a broad range of subjects and have a lively atmosphere making it a great day out.

I haven't yet decided whether I'll be presenting another session, possibly time to give other's a chance.  Being a developer who has a broad knowledge and doesn't specialise highly it's a bit tricky sometimes to get a topic to which I can do justice (and answer tricky questions from the audience). 

I could take this problematic situation as a topic of course and deal with the issue of being a developer in my position. I run my own company and either working on my own or in very small teams of two or three people.  I create bespoke software, as well as in house products.  Unlike general contractors I never work for one client more than three days a week.  The key bit of running a company like this is that it is essential to maintain a professional development ethos more common in larger teams (in which I used to work).  This means using a central file server, using source control, securing regular backups, embedding comprehensive error reporting for debugging faults, writing proper documentation, and using known development models rather than just churning out code as fast as it comes.  The end goal - quality software that's easy to maintain with negligible support costs.

... but what's the title?  (suggestions very welcome)

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