Trac project management - how we mark a ticket for testing

I use a Trac/SubVersion combination from for my source code control and project management, including for some of my clients.  However, the work flow for marking items as requiring testing isn't really there when you don't have dedicate test teams who can be given ownership of tickets for testing.  We tried adding items to the keywords field but it doesn't appear on all the default reports and is generally hard to use.

We think we have a solution though.  When a ticket is resolved by the programmer, we change the owner to testing required. If the testing is successful we close the ticket, and if the testing reveals that there are still issues the owner is changed back to the original programmer.

We created a custom report to list all tickets requiring testing by milestone;

SELECT p.value AS __color__,
   milestone AS __group__,
   id AS ticket, summary, component, version, t.type AS type,
   (CASE status WHEN 'assigned' THEN owner||' *' ELSE owner END) AS owner,
   time AS created,
   changetime AS _changetime, description AS _description,
   reporter AS _reporter
  FROM ticket t, enum p
  WHERE status IN ('new', 'assigned', 'reopened')
AND = t.priority AND p.type = 'priority'
AND owner = 'testing required'
  ORDER BY (milestone IS NULL),milestone, p.value, t.type, time

The great bit with using the owner field, instead of the keywords field (which had a report virtually identical to this one) is that when you look at tickets in the road map custom queries you can easily see which items need testing.

I'll let you know how it works out, as well as giving my humble opinion on the service provided by (hint: they're very, very good).

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This sounds exactly like the strategy my team employs as well. I do wish there were a dedicated "Fixed, untested" status so we could see on the timeline what has changed between changesets but this is good enough for most situations. Thanks for sharing!
Left by Taylor on Feb 21, 2007 1:06 AM

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