SqlBits - a great conference

Just a quick scribble to thank the organisers of SqlBits for a superb event on Saturday.

There were some great sessions, especially David McMahon's Top 10 SQL Keywords. Not for the Led Zep Top Of The Pops countdown, but some real gems of knowledge. I've never been to a session where you can hear all the biros in the room simultaneously clicking open and furiously scribbling down notes.  The nugget being scribbled was the SQL full text query search term FORMSOF(INFLECTION, 'ride') - which will match ride, ridden, riding etc.  I know, I wrote it down too.

I came away eager to investigate some new areas, and humbled by the DBAs and professional DB guys who slug through databases day in and day out rather than dabbling as a general developer (as I do).

The day was expertly organised, with everything running smoothly. The free transport from Reading station was top stuff (thanks to sponsors Redgate), and I really enjoyed the evening out at Reading 10 pin bowling (thanks to Solid Quality Mentors). I may be baised on the bowling as I got the top score of 142, helped by what can only be described as a very spawny three strikes in row. I never knew Guiness was such a good sporting aid.

Roll on next summer for SqlBits II (or will it be released as 'SqlBits 2008' in November March July).

P.S. for those who attended my lunchtime grok talks on 'SQL Server Alias usage' and 'Using NTFS file encryption to secure your laptop databases' I'll be posting the sample code and bullet points via this blog in the next few days.


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