MSDN renewal pricing (UK)

It’s that time of year again for my company. The decision has to be made on renewing my MSDN subscription.

Actually it’s been two years since I made that decision as the last time I renewed my MSDN Universal became a Visual Studio Team System for Software Developers with Premium MSDN subscription (thank you, Redmond marketing department), purchased as a two year eOpen license.

In my cash flow projections for my company, I have roughly £1,000 + VAT pencilled in for my MSDN license.  It hurts a bit, but I’ve paying roughly that amount for the last 10 years so I’ve kind of got used to it.

QBS Software kindly provided renewal quotations and I was pleasantly surprised. They actually provided three options.
  • One year renewal, £1, 756 + VAT
  • Two years, paid up front, £2,100 + VAT
  • Three years, paid annually, £998 + VAT per annum
I think it’s never been clearer that Microsoft’s desire to eliminate people who buy MSDN subscriptions once every few years is reflected in the pricing.

The two and three year options are much better value for money, and for me it’s a no brainer, I’ll be signing up for the three year option.  It is the cheapest option and it is much better for maintaining cash flow and simplifies the corporation tax return as there is no need to carry over allowances to the following tax year.

When you think about what you get in an MSDN license (it now includes the rather essential Expression Blend, not just Expression Web), to get that for less than £1000 is a bargain. As a Microsoft developer it provides the essential tools for all the software development I undertake. I have no problem paying for my MSDN renewal.

Only the Microsoft Action Pack for Microsoft Partners offers a similar level of real world software for such as bargain price.

Updated 20 October 2008 : Thanks to Ian Smith for pointing out that I was incorrect, MSDN does not include the full Expression Suite as Expression Design, Expression Encoder and Expression Media Manager are not included in MSDN, you will need an Expression Professional subscription to get them.

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