December 2009 Entries

How to enable RemoteApp (via RDP 7.0) within VirtualBox or VMWare running Windows 7, Vista SP1+ or Windows XP SP3
UPDATE 10 May 2010 : I finally discovered where the Remote Desktop team documented this process last December and thought it might be useful; UDPATE 20 February 2010 : Sorry for how long the final solution took to discover, but thanks to Aaron Parker's blog entry at we now have the final missing pieces that allow remote applications to be hosted within a standard Windows XP SP3 virtual machine. ......

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Multi monitor support for a Windows 7 guest operating system under VirtualBox, for different sized monitors
This nugget was generated by a fellow developer from the London .Net User Group who was trying to use multiple monitors with a virtual machine running under VirtualBox. His guest operating system was Windows 7, and he was attaching from a Windows XP host operating system. I did suggest he might look at VMWare Workstation to run guest operating systems and this happily supports multiple monitors, even if the monitors are different sizes. Even the latest free VMWare Player can handle multiple monitors, ......

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How to setup a SQL Server alias and when is a connection alias useful for developers?
UPDATE: 5th January 2012If the client machine does not have SQL Server Configuration Manager, then head over to this MSDN article, Qureshi has written an excellent comment for how to use the command line utility, cliconfg.exe, on a client machine which lacks SQL Server Configuration Manager. Isn’t this old hat? In a distant SqlBits, far, far away (actually the very first SqlBits) I gave two grok talks; the first on developers using SQL Server ......

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