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Check it out - Google Base is finally up.

This is Google's publically available (and publically maintained!) open database of everything. A a repository of structured data that everyone can add to. You can either structure an "Item Type" for yourself or choose one from the many already defined and then you feed Items of that type into the system.

Everything ends up indexed in Google Base's search engine. One possible use for it is for classified ads, much like craigslist. I noticed that when inputing data for an item of type "Car", the first field to fill is the desired price for it :).

But it could generally be used to store any kind of list data or object data. I expect Google to provide users with some kind of API for programmatically accessing and manipulating this huge public mega-db.

I guess this is just another step ahead on Google's road to owning The Index of Everthing!. Yikes :).

Posted on Tuesday, November 22, 2005 10:31 AM Google , web2.0 , tagging , Social Software | Back to top

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