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I was safe when I was working like a cocoon in my firewall protected periphery of Corporate Scan everything seemed fine till one day I was fighting with a nerd who exposed me to something unrational and I cma e to know the I am spyed right from the birth of my Machine to its christening with OS....So how do I counter that...

I am doing this research because I was supposed to buy License for Spyware Doctor for $25..I thought why should I pay for no fault of mine...25 dolars wasnt a big some..But curiosity from last two weeks and my Fight with AKKA AKKA a Bad hacker was crating my mode....if 50 Million users across world are facing this issue then there is someone who has done it intentionally and some one needs to be exposed..It cant just happen..and it si not a paranoid worm attack written by a frak..It is a well mainatined business at the cost of my personal data and risk of lossing everything in my Bank...

I was infected by SpyWare few weeks back and a mail from a friendly MVP in India Groups helped me start my research on Spy Ware.So technically what is a Spy Ware.It is a malicious code or well Augemented section of interface programs ini,inf,dll,.RT etc well leveled and registered at Registry...

Unlike a Virus it has a bigger role...not just to hack but to plague your system and persona.They even track your browsing pattern and send this information across to the website which then approach you with Ads using the holes in current IE pop ups etc..Now that you can use pop blockers and Adaware to block such advertisements troubling you..THis is all done legally under our knows..someone across seven oceans is recording what all I visited and which all pages i that radically other than making his Logs fr marketting...

They can manipulate your system, record your habits, and steal your passwords and credit card numbers. Depending on their degree of aggressiveness, they can steal your privacy or even your identity. And they can be terribly difficult to remove.

Almost every PC is loaded with spyware. It's on a PC when you buy it. It enters your PC when you download free software. It makes its way into your hard drive when you open spam e-mail.

Once it's on your computer, it monitors your activity. For instance, adware records the Web sites you visit and transmits that information to advertisers, who then target you with pop-up ads. Many PC users have unwittingly loaded—or unknowingly had spyware downloaded—onto their computers.

This happens when a user clicks "yes" in response to a lengthy and often extremely technical or legalistic user licensing agreement. Or it happens when users surf the Web and self-activating code is simply dropped into their machines in what's called a "drive-by download."

Once this software is in your hard drive, it can be exceptionally difficult to remove. Some of these pests are even designed to change themselves if someone attempts to remove them, burrowing themselves deeper into your computer

World is fine till here..But what if they are recording your CC details,Banking details,Passwords when you VPN???


Adware, Browser Hijackers, Dialers, Trojans, Drive-by Downloading, Viruses, Worms, Spam, and Phishers ..who all are behind do we get away from them...Here are some of the key points in todays world..

Spyware is found on the 80% of Machine connected to Net.If the scene remains same soon people are going to disconnect from major application across globe and stay aloof..which I doubt they can afford..But the impact on business wtill would be major..For Example in a study it is said a spyware-related support call can cost $15 to $45, and companies may lose business as a result,AOL estimates that just three spyware programs together cause some 300,000 Internet disconnections per day ....

Here are a few well-known tools that can help you detect and remove unwanted software from your computer:

Lavasoft Ad Aware

Spybot Search & Destroy (S&D)

Note: Microsoft is not responsible for the quality, performance, or reliability of these third party tools. Makers of spyware and other unwanted software might disguise their programs as anti-spyware tools. Click on the links to the programs above or ask someone else you trust to recommend a tool before you download and install it.

But I am sure they dont solve the issue,...I used Spybot ..quarantined the whole machine and then used the SpyDOC which showed me about more than 40 more Spys preying my machine and more important me...

I am involved in a lockdown with few hackers ...I am susceptible to any Spying ..they might screw my blog by the time I write to you..thanks to these spys which can load with the Objects Loading holes of  internet might be simply checking hyour email and I would be planting my spy on your desk top..No amount of  Firewall protection can help you as it is something which even


Here is what eweek says on this matter


Some cases seem to be unambiguous, so much so that anti-virus software probably detects it, too. Keyloggers, for example, which are programs that track what your keystrokes and perhaps mouse selections on the PC are and send them off to others. Or Trojan horse programs that remote attackers use to form a "bot army" for some distributed denial-of-service attack. These things exist, and therefore too many people have them. But, in an important sense, they aren't what the real problem is

Maybe "ambiguous" is too generous, but consider that some companies are completely open about what they are doing. Others call what they're doing spyware or, more likely, "adware."


I used VNC from long time what abt a SPYWARE droping a VNC on my machine and how is any Anti Spyware differentiating it from normal VNC.The worst case corporates making moey in this episode is Eudora

“If you don't pay $49.95, you can still use the program, but ads will appear in it, including up to three "sponsored toolbar links" that appear alongside toolbar items that do actual Eudora stuff. The Opera Web browser has similar arrangements.


Can we label Cookies as Spys,Even MSn and Yahoo messneger does leave Cookies So are they Spying me..How do we brand Spys awaya from Cookies..Spys are like agents they can come to my machine in any form..??Questions still remain Unanswered..

Very often we visit few sites and the Browser Settings chage automatically  Your  Home page becomes aautomatically configured to some one.If your Computer is Spyed by CoolWebSearch, one of many spyware applications threatening the world's computing devices—a late-breaking Trojan horse so nasty that only one app we tested, Lavasoft's Ad-aware Plus 6, could find it—and none could remove it. There is, however, a standalone app called CWShredder (available at

Spybot doesnt detect spyware-related files for this one..also you remove all registry entries and reboot they again appear..


There is one tool i used SpyChecker I found it free and better but still not able to plug out the all routes...

It is comming out to big issue..and Govt intervention and  litigation has is costing Millions of Dollars to companies US Click here for more on spyware legislation in Congress.

SPYBLOCK (Software Principles Yielding Better Levels of Consumer Knowledge) act in Congress and concluded that the initial drafting of the bill does a poor job of defining the activities it bans

The War is On and you are invited to share the Gun and Bullets..Here are some of th links which can tell you more..Just to let you know till date 78000 Spyware programs are already triggered in..

here are Some links that can be of interest in this Subject But mind you think of this Cause..

Summary of Features: Spywares /Scorecard: Spywares /11 Signs of Spyware /How to Avoid Spyware /Spy Stoppers

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I have been using Ad-aware since a year and i feel its the best for removing spyware. Also if u can pay for Ad-aware go for the Professional Edition. Click on the link to download Ad-aware Personal (Free).

Left by Baghzaad Bhomisha on Nov 10, 2004 8:47 PM

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i need to find out how to be a spy
Left by courtney and charlie on Mar 25, 2005 11:42 AM

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Ad-aware is one of the first and the best spyware removers
Left by spyware removal on Sep 13, 2005 5:32 AM

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it is not one of the first, it is the _first_ spyware remover out there.
Left by spyware removal on Sep 22, 2005 1:39 AM

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