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Tsunami just stuck us and I kept wondering what it meant for us.

Looking at the gruesome pictures and our technological advancement in the Space ,IT and other related areas,I was shattered to call myself a techinical person.

I was discussing with a Tea Vendor on Railway platform on New Delhi and he asked a simple Question.

"Kya Sahabh Aap Ka Computer rok nahi Sakta tha is toofan ko?'

Did our fisherman and poor tribal Communities of Andaman and Nicobar who have been washed away beleive in our IT  Skills (or are they superstitious of our IT pride) that would warn them before hand of such tragedy.

Did we as a great IT nation  fail at home pitch in providing our poor people a better control/Warning system.

We are highly devoted to international projects but I feel at heart we are yet to intervene and ask our self that the soul of Motherland is bleeding because we as intellectual community never invest our time and effort for it.

The Loss of life and property from Tsunami,Gujrat Earth Quack,Orissas Cyclone s etc could have been averted.For if we persistently and seriously as Tech communities invest our energies in such areas.

As a SQl DBA what can I contribute ..Some part of my Salary that will feed the local MLA s Pocket or can I do something more thant that....

Can I contribute in someway else...The Question is pinging me...????Answers would be difficult to find..But I know there would be an Answer??/

Just writing my thoughts and introspection is On.


Posted on Thursday, December 30, 2004 1:13 AM | Back to top

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