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Amazon started selling Intel based Mac Mini. Mac Mini 1.5GHz Solo is at $599.99 and Mac Mini 1.66GHz Duo is at $799.99 or both are at MSRP. Amazon runs $25 mail in rebate on both until 03/21/06.

Mac Mini review by arstechnica pointed out that MacMini CPU is socketed and thus MacMinis are upgradable, but at least for now it is quite expensive $300 to go to Core Duo 1.83GHz and $400+ for Core Duo 2GHz. Still, it makes MacMini very cheap Yonah entry-level box that could have longer life with CPU upgrades. Same review pointed out that Mac Mini Solo is OK for HD at 780p but is not good enough for 1080p. Yeah, drivers are not fully optimized yet, but still big question is... even with optimized drivers and 1GB of RAM would Core Duo playout 1080p acceptably? Not that there is much of 1080p content today, just a hint that in couple years these Mac Minis would be outdated both because they lack HD-DVD drive and CPU is not fast enough.

This review points out that even installed by Apple Front Row is still a crap. Moreover, the whole idea of streaming video from a server running iTunes is questionable. Why not just mount server filesystem and read the file?

So overall, looks like at least till MacOS version 10.4.7-10.5.x and/or FrontRow version 1.5+ Mac Mini is useless for my purposes. Posted on Wednesday, March 8, 2006 10:27 AM Video , IP TV , Mac | Back to top

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