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   I haven't written in a while, I was on vacation from 2/14 - 2/25.  I had a great time! Went to my uncle's cabin in Brevort, Mi with a bunch of guys.  The trip up really sucked. I was stuck in a traffic jam for an hour and a half while they closed the expressway to clean up an accident.  After I got there and I relaxed for a bit I started having a good time.  I did almost 400 miles on my new snowmobile.  Then on 2/18 my wife and kids picked me up and we headed farther north to visit my in-laws in Houghton, Mi.  While up there I did another 180 miles with my sled.  The snow was about 3 feet deep and I got stuck pretty good once, but if your not getting stuck your just riding trails. 

   On the way home I had 3 flat tires on the trailer (the trailer only has 2 tires and 1 spare) I was so mad.  I had the first blowout and I changed the tire, then the second blowout happen about 10 miles later,  after the second blowout I went looking for a tire place at 5:30pm, most were closed, but I found a Walmart and they replaced the tire.  I got back to the trailer that I left at the side of the expressway and changed the tire.  I made it about 10 more miles when the tire I just replaced went again!  Turns out they gave me a tire rated for 760lbs. and I had 2 550+lbs. snowmobiles on the trailer.  At this point it was after 7:00pm and the Walmart auto department was closed and I had 3 kids and a wife just wanting to be home (did I mention this all happened at hour 8 of a 10 hour trip?).  From this point we were stuck, so I called my Dad and bother-in-law and they jumped in the truck and started up to get us.  We started heading home again and left the trailer on the side of the road.  We met my Dad and brother-in-law halfway and I switched cars and sent the rest of my family home and went to get the trailer.  From there everything went pretty smooth, my Dad had brought up two spare tires with him so when we got to the trailer we changed the tire and headed home again (without any further problems).

   So that was my adventure on vacation, all in all it was a relaxing time with the exception of a few moments and I sure was great to rack up almost 600 miles on my new sled!


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